About Us

The brand KEEKS BY KIKI was created for women who create their own luxury. Having featured in the Metro UK for a past collection, we are back having recently launched our latest winter collection consisting of one handbag, the Celia bag.

She is the definition of Autumn with her tan leather shading and wool exterior. Available for purchase from February 2024.


KEEKS BY KIKI was founded by Akilah who traditionally went by her nickname Kiki. Being a young, working class woman, Akilah often struggled with finances and was never able to afford high-end products that she so very much craved. This ultimately inspired her to start designing her own products and eventually birthed the idea for KEEKS BY KIKI.

At the age of 15 Akilah launched a online hair business named Kiki’s Hair, hoping to raise the funding needed for her youthful life. Little did she know that this experience would later be useful for her when she decided to move forward with her plans to launch KEEKS BY KIKI.

Here at KBK we celebrate quality with our timeless pieces made to last. Only using real materials, we focus on making them affordable whilst maintaining high quality leathers and materials. Each and every one of our styles are created from the inspiration of fashion and have successfully become the products that you know and love today. I hope you all will continue to follow the journey of KEEKS BY KIKI.