About Us

'Luxury, a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.'

The brand KEEKS BY KIKI was inspired by women who create their own standard when it comes to luxury. We take inspiration from fashion trends, generating original ideas and making them affordable whilst maintaining high quality leathers and materials.

KEEKS BY KIKI was officially born in 2017 however the work and design started years before when founder Akilah Scott was 15. Born and raised in London, she spent most of her childhood fascinated with music and dreamed of being a singer one day, Akilah eventually discovered her love for fashion and began taking the necessary steps to bring KBK to life. Kiki, a childhood nickname, become a alter-ego for Akilah who struggled with confidence. Kiki was a persona she created to bring a more self-assured version of herself. 
Based in London, KEEKS BY KIKI is an accessories brand focused on celebrating Women creating their own Luxury. We believe that there isn't a price tag on what can amount to a luxurious life and the definition is determined by each individual. 
Each and every one of our styles are created and designed with the inspiration from our everyday trends whilst adding a dash of sophistication and elegance.
One of our biggest goals is making sure our products are affordable, high-end